Running the LeZa Proxy

The proxy is your application security gateway providing the all-important secured access control.

What is the LeZa proxy?

LeZa Proxy is open-source software that can be installed on any infrastructure, it is currently available as a Docker image. The proxy plays the role of a security gateway to your applications and services and is easily configured through LeZa Platform.

See the steps below to get your LeZa gateway up and running.

How to set up the architecture of my app?

The LeZa proxy is the gateway to your application and should be the only public access point (unless you know what you are doing). This means that the proxy should be inside the private network containing your application. Although there is a way to configure your application and the LeZa gateway on different networks this requires a bit more work. We highly recommend for the purposes of efficiency and security you keep all instances inside the same private network.

Configuring your LeZa Proxy

To install the proxy you will need the Client ID and Client Secret of your application, if you don't know where to get those please refer to the create an application section.

You will also need to have docker installed.

If needed, you can go to Docker Documentation in order to see how to install and run the docker container.

Next, pull the LeZa Proxy docker image with this command

docker pull simplusinnov/leza-proxy

Then, run the proxy with the below command

docker run -e OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID=[YOUR_LEZA_CLIENT_ID] -e OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET=[YOUR_LEZA_CLIENT_SECRET] --net=host -it -d simplusinnov/leza-proxy

Input the client_ID and client_secret provided by LeZa when registering your application where you see [YOUR_LEZA_CLIENT_ID], [YOUR_LEZA_CLIENT_SECRET] in the command.

If you are using a Mac then use the following command:

docker run -p 8001:80/tcp -e OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID=[YOUR_LEZA_CLIENT_ID] -e OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET=[YOUR_LEZA_CLIENT_SECRET] -it -d simplusinnov/leza-proxy

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