Invite users

Creating End Users in LeZa

The purpose of access control is to provide your end users secure access to your application or resources. There are several ways to do this such as making your application or resources public and allowing users access through their own organization, however, we will describe this in-depth at a later stage. For now, we will focus on adding users to your organization.

Invite a new user

To add a new user to your organization perform the following steps:

1) Click on the 'Users' section in the main menu (or dashboard view).

2) Click on the plus (+) icon in the top right to add a user.

3) Enter the user name

4) Enter the user email address

5) Select the application for which you want the user to access after they have accepted the invitation.

6) Click the 'ok' button

The user will then automatically receive an email to configure their password and be directed to your application.

You can allow users to sign-up to access your application without you needing to invite them. To do this activate the B2B Sign-up option when registering your application. Pop our team a note if you would like some assistance with this (documentation coming soon).

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