Set up an Organization

LeZa separates customers account spaces into organizations, these organizations provide the functionality to invite users and manage application settings within a secure environment.

Organization settings

To access organization settings, click on your profile to display the little drop-down menu. Then click on "Organization settings".

The organization settings page allows you to manage all the aspects of your organization, there are currently three sections

  • The profile section of your organization, which contains all the information related to it.

  • The theme section allows you to customize the application to meet your organization branding.

  • The audit section allows you to see all the actions that happened in your organization from a security/settings perspective.

Create a new organization

When you are invited to join LeZa, you will be a member of an already created organization. However, while you're getting started you might want to create a new organization to get the full experience.

In order to do so, just follow these steps:

1) Click on the profile icon then "Switch organization"

2) On the top right of your screen, just below the menu you will see a button with a plus sign(+). Click on it.

3) Enter the requested information and click on "Ok"

Your organization will now be created and you can configure it accordingly to your needs.

Switch organization

Once you have access to several organizations, you need to be able to navigate from one organization to the other. In order to do this follow these steps:

1) Click on the profile icon then "Switch organization"

2) Click on the "Select organization" button on the right of the organization to which you want to switch

3) Confirm that you want to switch

You will now be accessing the selected organization.

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